Automated Device Offer

Automated Device offer
  • Q. What is the Automated Device Offer?
  • Automated Device offer is a strategic plan to grow smartphone penetration on our network. The aim is that new 3G and 4G devices that are activated on MTN network automatically gets a special offer. 

a.      4G devices to enjoy 100% on all data activation for 3months.

b.     3G devices to enjoy 50% on all data activation for 3months.

c.      The same offers will be valid for 6months in the case of special partnerships.

  • Q. Who is eligible for this offer?
  • All new or first time 3G and 4G devices coming to MTN network are eligible for this offer.
  • Q. How are customers aware of this offer?
  • Customers will immediately get a message from the Avatar (Double Data) when the new or first-time device is recognized on our network. 
  • Q. Is the offer (Double Offer) applicable to a specific data bundle?
  • No, this offer is applicable to all data bundle. See table below 
  • Q. How can customer get the double data?
  • Immediately the new device is connected to the network, the customer will be alerted about the offer. Once the customer buys a data bundle, he/she gets a the corresponding % offer. See table below. 
  • Q. Can I get this bonus every time I buy a data bundle? 
  • Yes, you would enjoy the corresponding offer % and validity. See table below.

Q. How long will bonus last?  

  1. The bonus on the offer caries the same validity as the original offer a customer buy.