How to Become an Agent

Level 1 Agent.

  1. A Booth/umbrella
  2. Have a business that will generate a daily cash flow of LRD 10,000
  3. Level 1 agent are required to submit one passport size photo, photocopy of ID card and photo of business location
  4. Signed contract stating Term & Conditions of service
  5. Initial deposit for level 1st agent LRD 10,000/USD100 

Level 2 Agent 

  1. Have an existing registered business
  2. Have a brick and mortal structure 
  3. Signed contract stating Term & Condition of service
  4. Initial deposit for Level 2 agent ……. LRD 20,000/200
  5. Level 2 agent -small shop/store with one handler 

Super-Agent Requirement 

  1. Fills out a registration form
  2. Sign a contract stating the Terms and Condition of the Service
  3. Submit a copy of Business Registration 
  4. Submit two passport size Photos
  5. Submit a valid identification Card (Passport, Driver’s License, Voter ID, and working ID)
  6. Proof of Tax Clarence 

Process in Checking Agent Commission

  1. Dial *157#
  2. Select 00 for Next
  3. Select 2 for get my commission 
  4. Select 1 for commission Balance inquiry
  5. Select Currency 1)LRD 2)USD
  6. Select 1 for LRD
  7. Enter MM PIN

Register as an agent

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