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Bulk SMS

  • Sender ID Customization
  • SMS Campaign Scheduling
  • Text Merge
  • Duplicated Numbers Removal
  • Excel Plug-in/Number Extractor
  • Delivery Reports & Usage Notifications
  • Payment Options


SME Bulk SMS is a self-service messaging solution designed to enable small and medium businesses to promote their business cost-effectively.

Features of Bulk SMS

  • Sender ID Customization: Customers will be able to choose from a list of pre-registered sender IDs or register new sender IDs for approval within 6 working hours for on-net termination and 48 hours for termination to all networks. Sender IDs will have a maximum of 11 characters
  • SMS Campaign Scheduling: Customers will be able to schedule delivery of SMS to a pre-loaded list of phone numbers up to 7 days in advance.
  • Text Merge: Customers will be able to merge i.e., targeted clients’ names with SMS content for individualized messaging
  • Duplicated Numbers Removal: MTN’s platform will be able to automatically remove duplicates from uploaded lists of phone numbers to avoid multiple delivery of messages to the same numbers
  • Excel Plug-in/Number Extractor
  • Delivery Reports & Usage Notifications: Customers will be able to view and/or generate reports on real-time delivery statuses of each Bulk SMS transaction. The history of customers’ transactions will be accessible to customers via web and mobile apps. Also, customers will receive usage notifications at 50%, 80%, and 100%.
  • Payment Options: Debit Cards Bank (Deposit/Transfers) Airtime Mobile Money (MoMo)
  • Customers will be able to purchase the proposed Bulk SMS via Web, myMTN App, USSD, and SMS (shortcode)