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Caller Tunez

Entertain your callers with your favorite song as ring back tone on the MTN Caller Tunes service. Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) is a service available to all prepaid customers on Lonestar Cell MTN network on a subscription basis. Subscribers can activate the service and select the preferred music of their choice to be set as the CRBT. Once the song is set by the customers, any number calling that customer is entertain by the song until the subscriber answers the phone.

How to Activate:

SMS: subscriber text the code of the song to 1699 to activate the song as their ring back tone. Ex. Subscriber SMS “RBT 4956465” to 1699 to activate “Put Liberia first” by Quincy B.

USSD:  Subscriber can dial the USSD code *169# or the code that is assigned to the particular song. Ex. Subscriber dials *169*1# to activate Put Liberia first” by Quincy B

IVR: Subscriber call 1699 and follow the voice instructions to activate a song as their Ring Back Tone.

Pricing information:

Activation: $0.40 per month

Song download: $0.25 per month

Fall back pricing: Though the CRBT is $0.40 and $0.25 for activation and song download, fall back pricing is also applied where the customer has insufficient funds. The validity is than reduced to accommodate for the amount the subscriber has on his account.

Fallback for activation: $0.20 for 15 days, $0.10 for 7 days, $0.05 for 3 days.

Fallback for song download: $0.12 for 15 days, $0.06 for 7 days, $0.06 for 3 days.

Auto renewal: The service or song is auto renewed at the end of the validity period based on the amount that is in the customer account at the time of the auto renewal.