Data Loan

Data loan
  • Q. What is the Data Loan Offer?
  • The data loan offer is a strategy to increase data users on our network by giving customer the freedom to continue browsing even on credit. This is in line with our target and campaign message for this year to emphasize “Data Da Life”.  

The product is designed to meet the data needs and has an eligibility criterion: 

a.      Eligible customers must have been on the network for at least 90 days. 

b.     Customers will be able to borrow data and payback on their next top-up. 

c.      Loans will have validation variation depending on customer preferred option. 

  • Q. Who is eligible for this offer?
  • Customers that have been on the network for at least three months. 
  • How are customers aware of this offer?
  • Customers will receive notification when they have exhausted their data and have options to borrow. SMS will be sent to customers upon go live. 
  • Q. How can customer access the Data Loan Service? 
  • Customers can access the service when they dial *121# 
  • Can I share the data I borrow?
  • No. All data loans can only be used on the device that borrowed and cannot be shared. 

Q. Can I borrow data when I am owing? 

A. No. Every data you borrow will be paid for on your next top-up

Q. How long is the borrowed data validation?  

  1. Validation is based on the package selected and can be daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. 

Q. How do I check my balance? 

  1. To check balance, dial *121#. Your balance will be displayed accordingly. 

Q. Can I still borrow if I already have data? 

  1. Once you reach the threshold of consuming your data bundle, and you are eligible to borrow, then yes, you can borrow. 
  • Will my data be rolled over if I did not consume all before expiration? 
  • No. Borrowed data that are not used will expire as per the validation period date. 
  • What happens if I do not top up my account after borrowing?
  • If you do not top up, your loan will be recorded as accrued and you will not be able to borrow data until you pay back what you owe.  
  • Will my account be blocked if I do not pay back my loan?
  • No. All pending loans will be deducted one you top up your account. 
  • Can I borrow when I am owing for airtime? 
  • Yes, once you are eligible for data loan you will be able to borrow. 
  • Is my borrowed data limited to browse specific sites? 
  • No. You are free to browse as you normally would on your preferred sites.


SUMMARY OF Data Loan Offer

How to Check Balance?

              Customers will be able to dial the XtraByte code                           (*121#)

              The balance displays accordingly.

The below table gives an overview of the offers to be configured for the loan.

Data Bundle PackageXtraByte BandPrice $Recover Amount @ 10% Commission ValidityActivation
SMS to 121
$0.35 _ 70MB _ Daily70MB$0.35 $0.385 Daily101*121*101#
$0.4 _ 95MB _ Daily95MB$0.40 $0.44Daily102*121*102#
$0.5 _ 165MB _ Daily165MB$0.50 $0.55Daily103*121*103#
$1 _ 350MB _ Daily350MB$1.00 $1.10Daily104*121*104#
$2 _ 1GB _ Weekly1GB$2.00 $2.20Weekly201*121*201#
$3 _ 1.6GB _ Weekly1.6GB$3.00 $3.30Weekly202*121*202#
$5 _ 2.8GB _ Weekly2.8GB$5.00 $5.50Weekly203*121*203#
$10 _ 5.6GB _ Weekly5.6GB$10.00 $11.00Weekly204*121*204#
$12 _ 7.2GB _ Weekly7.2GB$12.00 $13.20Weekly205*121*205#
$20 _ 12GB _ Weekly12GB$20.00 $22.00Weekly206*121*206#
$2 _ 830MB _ Bi-Monthly830MB$2.00 $2.20Bi-Monthly301*121*301#
$5 _ 1.7GB _ Bi-Monthly1.7GB$5.00 $5.50Bi-Monthly302*121*302#
$10 _ 3.6GB _ Bi-Monthly3.6GB$10.00 $11.00Bi-Monthly303*121*303#
$12 _ 4.5GB _ Bi-Monthly4.5GB$12.00 $13.20Bi-Monthly304*121*304#
$20 _ 7.3GB _ Bi-Monthly7.3GB$20.00 $22.00Bi-Monthly305*121*305#
$30 _ 13GB _ Bi-Monthly13GB$30.00 $33.00Bi-Monthly306*121*306#
$2 _ 550MB _ Monthly550MB$2.00 $2.20Monthly401*121*401#
$5 _ 1.4GB _ Monthly1.4GB$5.00 $5.50Monthly402*121*402#
$8 _ 2.8GB _ Monthly2.8GB$8.00 $8.80Monthly403*121*403#
$10 _ 3.3GB _ Monthly3.3GB$10.00 $11.00Monthly404*121*404#
$12 _ 4GB _ Monthly4GB$12.00 $13.20Monthly405*121*405#
$20 _ 7GB _ Monthly7GB$20.00 $22.00Monthly406*121*406#
$25 _ 9.3GB _ Monthly9.3GB$25.00 $27.50Monthly407*121*407#
$30 _ 12GB _ Monthly12GB$30.00 $33.00Monthly408*121*408#
$50 _ 23.3GB _ Monthly23.3GB$50.00 $55.00Monthly409*121*409#