Religious Services

Religious Services

Religious Services

Christianity Portal 

They say, “The Lord works in mysterious ways”, and we at Lonestar Cell MTN  concur and believe that we are his vessel that has been bestowed upon with the responsibility of carrying forth his message to the rest of the world. 

‘Christianity Portal’, as the name implies, offers our customers a wide range of features that resonate strongly with their sentiments and faith. The ultimate goal of this portal is to bring the message of the Christ to an audience that is strongly inclined towards their faith and to anyone and everyone who desires to discover Christianity in a whole new light. 

Bible Reading/Holy Bible – It is the entire Bible in all its audio glory. The narrations of both the Old and New testaments are dramatized with music and ambient sounds to add more life to it whilst also capturing the true essence of the Holy Scripture. 

Prayers – Prayer is a means of expressing gratitude, repentance, adoration, submission and very many other human emotions, therefore every Christian must learn how to recite prayers to express themselves to the Lord Almighty. We’ve packed in a collection of the most prominent prayers within this feature. 

Praise and Worship songs/ Hymns/ Gospel Songs – An extensive library of popular Praise & Worship songs that will have our users chanting away in his glory for hours on end and always coming back for more. 

Bible stories – A collection of miraculous stories from the bible that changed the course of humanity. Mark able events such as the story of Adam and Eve conceptualizing the origins of Mankind, David’s act of Courage against Goliath, Noah’s Ark and lot more. 

How to activate the offer 

Subscriber can dial 556 to activate

Islamic Portal 

A unique IVR based product offering from MTN that reaches out to all mobile subscribers who are religiously inclined towards Islam. With an array of services to choose from, the Islamic portal offers both IVR as well as SMS based services which reach out to practicing Muslims who would want to be in touch with their religious side at all times through their phone. 

Features of the service include: 

  • Complete Quran Recital over IVR 
  • Nasheeds – A formidable library of Islamic devotionals from world 
  • Prayer Timing Alerts over SMS 
  • Tasbih – Recital over IVR (99 Names of Allah) 
  • Duas or 40 Rabbanas – A collection of the most powerful duas from the holy Quran 
  • Ramadan Portal (during the Ramadan Season)