Merchant location

merchant location

Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money Merchants and Agents Lonestar Cell MTN has made it simple and convenient for you by partnering with a variety of Mobile Money agents and merchants across Liberia. Find a MoMo agent near you on the list below:
Merchants Location County
Faith Business Center (Bomi) Tubmanbury, Bomi Co Bomi
Remedy Enterprise VOA, Bomi Highway Bomi
Ivy Business Center Tubmanbury, Bomi Co Bomi
A.M. Bah Business Center Gbah, Bomi Bomi
Cashco Inc Gbah, Bomi County Bomi
Dee1 Booth Tubmanbury,Bomi Co Bomi
Stephen F. Kabba Enterprise Tubmanburg Bomi
Wonseh Hope Enterprise Gbaah, Bomi Bomi
A.M Bah INC 2 Tubmanburg Bomi
Jesse Business Center Zowieta,Kokoya District Bong
Goodwill Business Phebe Air Strip Bong
Ma Kortu Business Center Gbartala Bong
Nica’s Business Center Gbarnga Bong
Lacky B/C Phebe Airstrip, Bong Bong
KA Paa Kwa Gel B/C Suakoko, Bong Bong
True Light Best B/c Gbarnga, Bong Bong
Little is Much B/C Gbarnga, Bong Bong
Joe 50 B/C Gbarnga, Bong Bong
God’s Favour Changing Booth CUC Campus, Bong Bong
World Greatest B/C Phebe Airstrip, Bong Bong
Zeze Business Center Lofa Road, Gbarnga Bong
Sucem Business Center Gbarnga, Bong Bong
James Investment Gbarnga Bong
Kapaakwageh Development Suakoko Bong
Glorious Business Center Gbarnga Bong
B K Business Center Gbarnga Bong
Reverend Son Business Center Gbarnga Bong
Goodwill Business Center Gbarnga, Bong Bong
Legal Hustler Gbarnga, Bong Bong
JOA Business Center Gbarnga, Bong Bong
Jesus Friend Business Center Gbarnga Bong
Lu Sanghai Business Center Gbarnga Bong
Extra Flavor Business Center Ganta Highway Bong
First Choice Business Center Phebe Airstrip Bong
God Master Communication Link CUC Campus, Suakoko Bong
Tiwain Business Center Gbarnga Bong
Uncle D Business Center Gbarnga Broadstreet Bong
ADK Business Center Gbailale, Iron Gate Community Bong