MTN Plug

  • Q. What is MTN PLUG?
  • MTN PLUG is a product proposition that targets youth between the ages of 18-30.  This product offers them the freedom to live a lifestyle of their choice in terms exploring the internet. This will drive our message of creating a bold new digital world and Data Da Life. 

The offer is to give youth the access to unlimited digital growth that does not only boost their confidence but spread our message of being customer centric. 

The product is designed to meet the data needs and tons of benefits by being Plugged in. 

This product is for: 

a.      Youth aged 18-30. 

b.     Offers, freedom to connect with their favourite eateries and local brands etc. 

c.      Offer youth unlimited options to live the life they dream of. 

  • Q. Who is eligible for this offer?
  • Customers between the ages of 18-30 years. 
  • Q. How are customers aware of this offer?
  • This will be done ATL to mark PLUG anniversary. Customers will also be informed via SMS.
  • Q. How can customer access MTN PLUG Service?
  • Customers can access the service when they dial *231#
  • Q. Can I buy plug packages for others?
  • Yes, you can buy for others.  

Q. Can I borrow data or airtime on PLUG? 

A. No, you cannot borrow on PLUG. To borrow on MTN, dial *121. 

Q. How long is does PLUG offer last?  

  1. Products on PLUG have different validation based on the package you select and can be daily, weekly, or monthly.

Q. How do I check my balance? 

  1. To check balance, dial *231# and follow the menu instruction. Your balance will be displayed accordingly. 

Q. Can I share my PLUG data with another person? 

  1. No. You cannot share your PLUG data with another. But you can either buy for them or invite them to join PLUG.
  • Is there a reward when I invite my friends to join PLUG? 
  • Yes. For each friend you invite to join PLUG, you get FREE 100MB. The more friends you invite, the more MB you get. 
  • Q. Can I use my PLUG data even when I have subscribed to other data packs?
  • Yes, when you are subscribed to other data packs your PLUG data takes priority over other data subscription you have. 
  • Q. Is PLUG data limited to browsing specific sites?
  • No. You can browse all your preferred sites on the go with MTN PLUG. 
  • Q. Can I still subscribe to PLUG if I have not been on MTN network for up to 3 months? 
  • Yes, once you are 18-30 years old, you are eligible.
  • Q. Can I subscribe to PLUG if I am not within the age range years?  
  • No. Once your SIM registration reference does not reflect your age as 18 and above, you will receive a notification telling you that you are not eligible.