USSD Consolidated Menu *352#

  • Q. What is the USSD Consolidated Menu?
  • The USSD Consolidated Menu is the collection of all our most popular products & services under one short code – *352#. As our Headline code, this will become the one-stop destination for all our amazing products & services.
  • Q. How is this different from the existing codes we already know?
  • This brings all your favourite products & services under one menu making access simpler and improving the overall customer journey. All you need to remember is *352#.
  • Q. What are the products on the consolidated Menu?
  • The products & services on the Menu are:
  • Data Bundle
  • MTN Prestige
  • MoMo Bundle
  • Roaming & International Bundles
  • JehforU
  • MTN Plug
  • My Account 

Refer to the consolidated menu presentation.

  • Will the journey still be the same?
  • Yes, after you dial *352# and select your preferred product or service, the existing flow of that product or service remains the same. 
  • Q. Will I still be able to buy using the existing short codes?
  • Yes, all the existing codes will still be active. This consolidated menu just puts everything in one place for you.
  • I see Plug is on the menu, is MTN Plug now available to all ages? 
  • No, MTN Plug will only be accessible to eligible customers, within ages 18 – 35.
  • Q. What options will I have if I select “My Account”? 
  • If you select “My Account” you will see the below options:
  • My Phone Number
  • My Balance
  • My Service Class
  • My Roaming Status
  • SIM Registration
  • Sim Services