Send money quickly and safely

The International Transfer service allows MTN customers to receive money from all over the world through their MTN Mobile Money account.

To use the International transfer service, the sender must use one of our partner agencies (see below) and provide the following information:

  • Beneficiary’s name
  • MTN phone number

After entering the aforementioned information, the beneficiary will receive the funds directly into their Mobile Money account and go to an authorized MOMO agent to withdraw the money.

  • Funds are received by the beneficiary into their Mobile Money account
  • Sending costs are the responsibility of the sender
  • The beneficiary is only charged when withdrawing money from their Mobile Money account.┬áThe applicable fees are the current Withdrawal

Benefits of receiving International transfer via your MoMo account

MoMo subscribers do not need to look for a bank to receive or withdraw their money.

MoMo Customers receive their funds instantly, and go to one of the MoMo branches to withdraw the money

Reduces waiting time.

Partner Name Website Region
Sendwave USA & Canada
World Remit Africa
Partner Name Sendwave
  • USA & Canada
Partner Name World Remit
  • Africa

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