How to opt-in?

To opt in for the service, subscribers can dial *606# or text PLAY to 6060; a welcome SMS will be sent with details of the promotion, price of messages and instruction on how to opt out. Subscriber is charged 0.30 cents daily and the Questions & Answers are FREE

How it works ?

Lonestar Cell MTN Rush Hour campaign is an SMS text to win promotion that gives subscribers many exciting prizes once they participate in the promotion.

The subscriber is given the option to participate in the promo by using the USSD channel or the SMS channel. At any point in time, the subscriber can switch between USSD and SMS and continue to participate in the promotion. Each message sent by the user awards him points for prizes to be won. Answering the question correctly gives the user more points, while a wrong answer will be awarded lesser points.

The Players continue to compete against each other to gain the highest point in 60 minutes and the prize is instantly awarded to the winners.

Example, after a subscriber sends Play to 6060, subscriber will be asked to confirm their subscription, after you reply, another message will be sent with a question.

“Points never expire, they accumulate day after day.”

Prizes to be won

  • Prizes can be awarded by selecting the users with the highest points for the hour, two subscribers with the highest points for the day and the grand prize is given by randomly selecting a winner from all customers that participated in the promotion. This is purely a skill game, where the player with the most points or the fastest responder wins the prize.
  • Every SMS sent, the player increase their chances of winning great prizes. Winning is every day, from Monday to Friday.

How to unsubscribe

Subscribers shall text “stop” to 6060.